Pigasus Meats at the Landon Farm (2003)

The 170 acre Landon Farm is comprised of approximately 100 acres of tillable land and 70 acres of woodland, consisting mostly of mixed hardwoods. The property was purchased in 2001 as part of the Landon Farm and Round Pond campaign, a partnership project of the South Hero Land Trust, Vermont Land Trust, Lake Champlain Land Trust, and The Nature Conservancy.

Conservation easements on the property are held by Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board. The woodland is host to a low-impact public access trail, called the Landon Community Trail, which opened in October 2010, and is managed by South Hero Land Trust and Lake Champlain Land Trust.

After a couple of transitions at the Landon Farm over the last decade, the farm was sold to new farmers! Kelsey and Phelan O'Connor of Pigasus Meats moved to the Landon Farm in May 2017, and they are raising pastured pork and free range chickens on the property. 

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Dan Kirk