South Hero Land Trust Naturalist Walks

Walkers on Allen Point Trail look for winter birds.

Walkers on Allen Point Trail look for winter birds.

We host regular Naturalist Walks to explore the unique natural history and ecology of the Champlain Islands! Partnering with local naturalists to be our expert guides, and visiting trails, conserved properties, and other unique South Hero features, we learn about everything from birds and trees to the geologic history of the Champlain Basin. Check out our events page to sign up for our next walk!

We love our expert naturalist- many of whom generously volunteer their time to walk with us. Some of them do great work- from fun publications to photography workshops to tours of national parks. A few of our repeat guides that you might want to check out include:

Chuck Hulse, creator of the Champlain Islands Nature Blog- check it out HERE.

Sean Beckett, bird expert extraordinaire, photographer, and guide- learn more about Sean HERE