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Osprey Explorer Challenge

Is your family excited to get outside this summer? Join us for the Osprey Explorer Challenge! In partnership with the South Hero Library, we are encouraging kids to get outside and learn about the natural world through a series of challenges. Stop by the South Hero Library today for your Explorer Challenge List.

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How the Challenge Works:

1. Kids can stop by the South Hero Library to sign up and get their Explorer Challenge Packet anytime in July or August.

2. Explore the outdoors as a family! Choose a challenge and get outside. You can complete tasks anywhere outside, whether in your backyard or on a hike. If you are looking for greats spots in South Hero to hike check out our trails HERE>>.

2. Record your adventures! Take pictures, draw or write stories, or find other ways to share what you learn. As kids complete a challenge, they can stop by the Library to show the librarian pictures, stories, or the filled in grid box with the answer to the challenge. Every time they finish a task, they get a nature tattoo and add their name to the Challenge Board at the Library.

3. Every kid to finishes at least 6 of the 8 challenges is entered into a drawing for a fun prize at the end of the summer.

4. Kids have until September 30 to finish their challenges. 

5. Send photos of your adventures to South Hero Land Trust for us to share on our website and social media pages!

6. Learn more! Visit the library to check out some great books about the natural world.



Who can participate in the Osprey Explorer Challenge?

Any kids who spend all or part of this summer in the Champlain Islands, and are between the ages of 3-13.

What does it cost to participate?

Nothing. This FREE program is sponsored by South Hero Land Trust and the South Hero Library.

How can I support this program and others like?

Make a contribution to South Hero Land Trust HERE>> or the South Hero Library HERE>>.



Call Guy Maguire at South Hero Land Trust: 80-2372-3786 or email